‘Away We Go’ is a YA dystopian novel in which there are multiple issues going on, including a virus that only infects children, teenagers and young adults. There’s also other reasons to think the world is about to end, this story follows teenagers as they grapple with the fact that they are all infected with a disease that will likely kill them.

[Warning: This book includes alcohol, sex, drugs and other similar topics.]

I give this book 3.5 stars (out of five). I liked this book, it’s pretty good and sad in both a relatable way and the ‘wow the author really didn’t care about my heart’ way. It’s yet another teen dystopian and honestly I really like the genre, it’s very sad but also hopeful and with many good plots. The thing destroying the world in this one among other things is a terrible virus, called the Peter Pan Virus, that only affects kids, teenagers and young adults; it’s almost always fatal.

[A lot of stuff happens in this book, so I’m definitely not going over everything I just gave a very, very brief summary of what happens.]

All over America there are treatment centres where hundreds of thousands of infected kids go, they’re almost like prisons. The kids can’t see or talk to their parents and families, they’re basically just sent to treatment centres to try to quarantine and contain them. They do get treatment and medicine but it’s basically just where people stay, live and go to school until they die. The story follows Noah (one of the infected teens), his girlfriend, his boyfriend and many other characters. They all managed to get into one of the best treatment centres, that’s just like a closed college campus and town. In the story, the PPV (Peter Pan Virus) has become normal and somewhat everyday.

The new bad thing that’s happening is a huge asteroid has a chance of hitting Earth, and if it does it’s guaranteed that almost all life on Earth will die. The main character calls it “The Cataclysmic, fiery, kind of cliched end of all things (or not).” Anyway, Noah is a particularly sad character, I think his inner thoughts and beliefs basically represent the majority of Gen Z internet culture (that should give you an idea of what he’s like). Noah has to adjust into a new treatment centre and all the people he meets; throughout the story there’s breakups, heartbreak, flirting, friendships, rebellion and sadly even deaths. I really liked the way they showed time passing and the chapter titles were very unique. Overall I think it was well written and enjoyed reading it.

Disclaimer this is a mature book; there’s alcohol, sex, drugs, etc. so if you’re sensitive to that or younger, this book might not be for you.