In this thrilling gothic horror story Violet White has to navigate her small seaside town with one big change. There’s a new addition, and it comes in the form of a boy named River West. He moves into the guest house of Violet’s old estate and she just can’t help but be drawn in by his mysterious past and odd quirks. But by the time she realizes there might just be more to him than what meets the eye, she’s already in too deep.

I give this book three stars (out of five). The story was really interesting and all the characters were really mysterious and compelling. I really enjoyed reading this book, but I thought that the ending was a little rushed. Almost as if the author wanted to write more but had to stop and not continue or fully follow through with their ideas, but then again it’s probably because they wanted to write those ideas out more in the sequel (which I haven’t read yet so I can’t confirm that).

The main characters is Violet White and her life is pretty routine she lives in an old estate, in her small seaside town. But everything changes when a new mysterious boy River West moves into town and starts renting Violet’s quest house. But Violet can’t tell if he’s just a pretty boy with a secretive past or there’s something more to him.

Her grandma always warned her about the devil but she never said the devil could take form in the new boy with undeniably cute quirks. And by the time Violet realizes that could be a possibility she’s already fallen too deep in love with him to resist. And that’s just what River wants.

In the last few chapters of the book, a new character comes out of nowhere and messes everything up for the other characters. The final ending of the book is calm and peaceful but it still felt rushed compared to the rest of the book, since there was a sudden change of pace. Regardless of the ending I still enjoyed reading this book and will read the squeal (Between the Spark and the Burn) and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.