This is the fictional retelling of young Cleopatra the VII’s life, told in dairy format. As she fears for her safety and hopes to survive to have a chance to be Queen of Egypt.

I give this book two stars (out of five). I think this book was pretty well written and descriptive. Although with this entire collection of books, I extremely dislike that they don’t explicitly say that the stories are fiction based on real people since lots of kids reading these books believe they’re direct copies of real diaries. However, I think this one specifically is a lot better than a few other ones and was an actual historically accurate story, rather than a few that just seem entirely unrealistic. I did enjoy reading this book and I think it is at least somewhat educational.

My overall opinion of the Royal Diaries:

Personally I never really enjoyed this book series even though they are and were very popular. The concept and idea is pretty cool, because it combines entertainment with actual education. I think my main problem with it was that it tries to bridge the line between a history book and a novel, it keeps the young readers entertained by jumping from event to event and stays historically accurate enough for it not to be just a list of facts, dates, names and events. For what it is it’s done well, but again overall it wasn’t amazing to me and I found it boring. Although I do think this series would be great for young children who are interested in history or specific historical figures.