Cole, his friends and allies journey into the kingdom of Necronum, a land between life and death. There they learn about Weaving, this kingdom’s form of shaping, and explore the afterlife called the Echolands.

 Searching for another lost princess, Destiny, and defeat the shapecrafters who try to steal other’s power and control shaping abilities. They’re lead by Nazeem the strongest of them all, but Cole and his friends are determined to beat him and save the Outskirts.


I give this book five stars (out of five). I really loved reading it! In this book Cole and his friends travel to yet another kingdom, Necronum. A land in between life and death, where the shaping is called Weaving and mainly involves interacting with the echoes of the afterlife, called the Echolands.

Cole travels far and wide throughout physical Necronum and the Echolands, fighting to find Destiny (the youngest of the five lost princesses), avoid enforcers and defeat Nazeem (the leader of all the shapecrafters).

I won’t go into detail, even explaining the concepts of life in Necronum would be extremely confusing, especially at this point in the series. But I still totally recommend the entire series! It’s great and everything makes sense, I just can’t explain exactly why here.

I really enjoy and love this series, and I especially loved to see Cole’s character development and how the events of the story have changed and affected him.