This book is the fictionalized account of a real event, in 1970 known as the Dawson’s Field hijackings.

Anna is flying to London to return to her boarding school, when her flight is hijacked. This is the story of her experience, the people she met and the conditions there.

I give this book four stars (out of five). It was very well written, realistic and emotionally engaging. It’s based on the true story of a plane hijacking and follows a fifteen year old girl named Anna. She’s flying to England by herself on her way to another year at boarding school. But her plane is hijacked and she spends nearly fours days in the middle of a random desert in Jordan.

It’s very intense showing what the passengers of the plane went through and what the hijackers’ cause was. I think it was incredibly well written, especially at certain more impactful points. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, not only is it a great book but it also educated me on what happened after the world wars and why these things happened.