In this comical and thrilling next installment in A Tale Dark and Grimm, follow Jack and Jill as they travel far and wide to write their own story. But beware dear reader, this might just be bloody, terrifying and true.

This could be the story for you, if you want more than happily ever after’s and would love to read a dark and humorous version of The Frog Prince and Jack and the Beanstalk.

I give this book five stars (out of five). It’s so well written and all the randomness, all the crazy characters and plot twists that happen make it way better. This story follows Jack and Jill as they go through wild adventures with elements from many different traditional fairy tales including Jack and the Beanstalk and The Frog Prince.

Since this is a middle of a series and lots of confusion things happen so I’m just going to summarize a few of my favourite parts and characters. This will likely not make a lot of sense if you haven’t already read the book, and will include spoilers so please just skip the rest of this paragraph to avoid those. My favourite parts were when Jill tricks the giants into killing themselves, when all the goblins had to choose ‘Death or the Lady’ and Jack completely breaks the system and when they trick the Others into turning themselves in.

My favourite characters are the (talking) frog, EIDECHSE VON FEUER, DER MENSCHENFLEISCHFRESSENDE or Eddie and the salamanders from the wishing well, because they’re probably never going to find out ‘Who’s smellier, me or Fred? Is it me? It’s me, right? Me? Is it me?’. They’re always asking hilarious questions without logical or possible answers.

Another thing I loved about this book is that after the story ends the author includes a section called “Where do these stories come from?” where he explains the original fairy tales and folklore his stories are based off. This is a really cool and educational section and I’m really glad it was included, because it gives you a lot more background information for how the stories came to be.

Overall, this book is great and I really recommend it and the rest of this series to anyone and everyone. But there is some violence and dark humour in this book, so be careful of the humour within. I personally find it very funny, but that could be different for everyone. And as I mentioned in my review of the first book in this series I love the narration style and how these stories are told, it makes it a lot more entertaining and fun to read.