I write reviews in my own style, with a summary of the story and all of my thoughts and comments afterwards. Often my reviews are long ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand words. I love reading because it’s an opportunity to learn more about the world, other people’s experiences and just enjoy fun stories.

Most of my reviews have spoilers, but there are spoiler warnings at different points in lots of my reviews. Although some of these reviews include full plot summaries, others don’t cover the ending or twists.

If you want to skip a plot summary you can immediately scroll farther down and only read my unique interpretation and comments on the book. 

For reviews that are part of a series, if you can’t find a review for other books in the series it’s most likely because I haven’t read it yet and will be adding more reviews soon!

I also want to say that all the reviews are from my perspective, as a teenage girl, and everything is only my personal opinion.  Thanks again for reading!