‘Light Filters In’ is an incredibly beautiful and personal book of poetry. Caroline Kaufman writes about many various topics and shares her own experiences through writing. There are many messages that are relatable and simply beautiful pieces throughout the book. I quite enjoyed reading this, even though I’m not a huge poetry lover.

I give this book 4 stars (out of five). As this is a poetry book/a book of poems this review is obviously going to be different from lots of my other reviews on fiction or non-fiction books, since it doesn’t really fall into either category exactly and there is technically not an on-going plot. This isn’t the type of book I typically read but I still really enjoyed it. There were many poems that were extremely interesting, with great lines and other things. Especially since this is a collection of poems written almost entirely about the author’s own experience, mental illness, etcetera lots of poems, stanzas and lines were relatable and they all felt extremely real. You could clearly tell the difference between someone writing about something they haven’t personally experienced and something they know too well.

One of my favourite parts was the poems about writing itself which show how much the author enjoys writing and how big of an impact it has on her life. I also really liked how the book was broken up into four different sections which also helps with the organization of the poems throughout. Another detail that I really appreciated was that there were poems for a few of the different planets in the solar system scattered throughout the book, they were all very different but provided a sense of connection between different poems and places in the poem. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book, but I don’t know too much about poetry so in that regard you might want to read someone’s opinion/review who knows more about poetry and what makes one poem technically better than another. Besides that I would definitely recommend this book, I think it’s very well done and compared to the few other poetry books I’ve read this was one of my favourites.