Nothing ever happens to Charlotte and Frankie, their lives aren’t like the characters in most novels. They don’t get taken to fantasy worlds, have dark secrets or fall in love with the popular boys. But maybe they still have an interesting story to tell.

I give this book 3.5 stars (out of five). This is a great book! I totally loved it; I loved the concept, the delivery and especially the ending. The entire premise of the book is a teen girl just writing about her and her best friend’s life. Without any added drama or fiction-ness and nothing really exciting happens.

The main characters are author Charlotte and her best friend, Frankie. They’re in high school and do normal high schooler things, to the point that these characters completely feel like they could be real and going to your school. Hands down the best part of the book is the ending, because throughout the book they’re kind of self aware in the sense that they are the characters that are writing the story you’re reading.

So in the ending they take advantage of that and kind of mess with the reader a bit and it’s especially good because it’s in character, funny and a great ending. I really enjoyed reading this book; I think it’s a great, incredibly relatable teen book and I totally recommend this to you!