Book Recommendations

Here you will find a collection of recommendations organized by genre. These are my personal favourite books from each genre and the books that I would recommend the most to other readers. Hopefully you can find something you love here! Enjoy reading!


Dear Bully Edited by: Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones

Student Voice By: Katherine Schulten & Many Teen Authors

  • About very influential and important topics.  
  • Includes advice, personal stories and a wide variety of topics. 
  • Gives people a voice to share their thoughts and experiences.


Light filters in By: Caroline Kaufman

  •  I liked it and saved a lot of the poetry.

If I Tell You the Truth By: Jasmin Kaur

  • Covers very important topics.  
  • Especially for Canadian and American readers.

Short Stories: 

A People’s Future of the United States Edited By: Victor LaValle and John Joseph Adams

  • A collection of speculative fiction about the United States.
  • Interesting variety between the different stories.

You Too? Edited By: Janet Gurtler 

  • Important topic and content.
  • Made specifically for young adults.


How to Break a Boy By: Laurie Devore


  • Gave a lot more depth to the stereotypical mean girl while including a rocky love story.

LGBTQ+ Characters/Relationships:

Fan Art By: Sarah Tregay

  • A cute love story surrounding two best friends who might be just a little bit in love.

The Dangerous Art Of Blending In By: Angelo Surmelis

  • Focuses on other topics as well.
  • Shows both highs and lows. 
  • Will make you cry but in a good way.

Real Life: 

How to Disappear By: Sharon Huss Roat

  • Very cute and simple while being a very effective story about someone with social anxiety.

Where I Live By: Brenda Rufener

  • Explores the topic of the housing crisis through a young character secretly living at her school.
  • Very meaningful messages while staying original. 

Starfish By: Akemi Dawn Bowman

No Published Review

Trigger Warning: Child abuse, mental illness, self-harm and sexual assault.

  • I love the message and imagery within the story,
  • I can relate to the main character’s struggle with her identity being mixed race but feeling out of touch with both cultures. 
  • This was one of my favourite books when I was younger.

Review coming soon! 

Science Fiction: 

The Last Girl on Earth By: Alexandra Blogier 

  • Has a very interesting plot.

We Are The Ants By: Shaun David Hutchinson

  • Main character is frequently abducted by aliens and he’s given the choice to either save Earth or let the world end.

The Odds of Lightning by: Jocelyn Davies 

  • A personal classic.
  • This follows a group of friends who are struck by lightning, which helps them embrace their insecurities and accept themselves.


Mask of Shadows By: Linsey Miller (Mask of Shadows #1)

  • I absolutely love the story and characters.
  • Follows an interesting and compelling main character, Sal on their journey. 

The Glass Spare By: Lauren Destefano (The Glass Spare #1)

  • Not all Princesses are damsels in distress, Wil  doesn’t need a man to save her.

The Art of Starving By: Sam J. Miller

  • The main character’s powers are very unique and interesting.
  • It’s a very meaningful story.


The Paladin Prophecy By: Mark Frost (The Paladin Prophecy #1)

  • First book in one of my favourite series. 


#MurderTrending By: Gretchen McNeil (MurderTrending #1)

  • My favourite horror/thriller series.
  • Very well written, intense and scary.
  • Has just the perfect amount of violence. 

Dear Killer By: Katherine Ewell

  • The main character is a serial killer but she starts putting herself at risk until she’s forced to make a live changing choice. 


(I was Dead for) 13 Minutes By: Sarah Pinborough

  • It’s full of twists, turns and characterization following the circumstances of someone’s near death.
  • Unique and stands out amongst other books. 

Lost Girls By: Merrie Destefano

  • Follows a girl who lost her memory trying to solve the mystery of her own disappearance.


All These Things I’ve Done By: Gabrielle Zevin (Birthright trilogy #1)

Wither By: Lauren Destefano (Chemical Garden Trilogy #1)

  • These are both the first books in trilogies that center around trying to survive in dystopian futures.


A Tale Dark and Grimm By: Adam Gidwitz (A Tale of Dark and Grimm #1

  • This series is unbelievably funny and takes some well known tropes and subverts our expectations in hilarious ways.
  • The funniest books I’ve ever read.

Young Readers:

Below By: Meg McKinlay 

  • Has a really good storyline.
  • I really loved it.
  • It’s very nostaglic and fun to reread.

Siren Sisters By: Dana Langer 

  • It got me into reading and I really liked it when I was younger.
  • It has great messages about family, relationships and sacrifice.

Breathe By: Cliff McNish

  • A really good introduction to horror or thrillers for younger readers.

Sky Raiders By: Brandon Mull (Five Kingdoms #1)

  • First book in a series I loved as a kid, it has magic, compelling characters and new adventures in each installment. 

The Tale of Emily Windsnap By: Liz Kessler (Emily Windsnap #1)

No Published Review

  • This was the first book I fell in love with and the first book I ever reviewed.
  • Great for kids who like mythical creatures like mermaids. 

Review coming soon! 

Rules for Stealing Stars By: Corey Ann Haydu 

No Published Review

  • It starts to introduce important topics into stories that young readers can still understand.
  • Covers unhealthy parenting and abuse.

 Review coming soon!