Lolly and her sisters are sirens, but Lolly doesn’t know why. She’s dreading her thirteenth birthday and with it the transition into a full siren. She hates having to sink ships and potentially hurt everyone on board. So when things start going wrong Lolly takes the chance to make things right, even if it means being a siren and undoing dangerous spells.

I give this book five stars (out of five). It’s original, well written and has a great plot. It follows the main character Lolly Salt and she’s a siren in training. She has three older sisters, who are full sirens already. Lolly will become a full siren once she turns thirteen, but she doesn’t know why they are sirens and doesn’t want to become one.

Throughout the book Lolly is trying to stop herself from becoming a full siren because they live in a fisherman’s town and she doesn’t want to cause the shipwrecks and put people in danger, especially her best friend Jason, who loves sailing.

However the climax starts when a owner of a fishing company and Lolly’s best friend’s step-dad figures out that Lolly and her sisters are sirens. He uses magic and captures Lolly’s older sisters. To save them Lolly and Jason must undo the spell over Lolly’s sisters and free them.

[Major spoiler warning, skip to the last paragraph to avoid them]

They must go to the Sea Witch, the person who calls for them to sink ships and uses magic to make them sirens, to find out how to save them. But along the way Lolly also learns that years ago in the accident that killed their mom, she had died too. Her devastated sisters had made a deal with the Sea Witch so Lolly could come back to life, if they were all sirens.

While at the Sea Witch’s house, learning how to undo the spell Lolly turns thirteen and painfully becomes a full siren. They go through a long process to undo the spell and save her sisters. Afterward Lolly finds a way to save her sisters from needing to be sirens, by undoing the spell the Sea Witch used to make them sirens. But in the end to undo the spell Lolly sacrifices herself so her sisters can be free normal girls, and it’s a great ending.

The author really wrote the relationships between Lolly, her sisters, Jason and her dad very well because in the ending how she says goodbye to them shows all of her character development throughout the whole book. This is one of my favourite books ever and I think it’s a really interesting coming-of-age story because Lolly changes so much from the beginning to the end of the book, but it’s all logical changes as she adapts to her situation.