This is a Christmas story about a village who had all their Christmas cookie sprinkles stolen and have to try and get them back into time to make cookies for Christmas.

I give this book four stars (out of five). This is the perfect kid’s Christmas book. It tells an amazing story through great illustrations, rhythms, similes and has an educational moral. The story is about someone who goes through an entire village and steals all their Christmas cookie sprinkles.

The next day when almost all the families in the village go to make Christmas cookies, they find all their sprinkles missing. A boy named Little Nat sets out to find the snitcher, following a trail of dropped sprinkles.

In the end, Little Nat convinces the Snitcher to give all the villagers back their sprinkles and everyone learns a valuable life lesson; stealing is bad and Christmas isn’t about greed or material objects it’s about giving to people in need.

I personally really loved this book, growing up and now. It’s sort of a tradition to read together on Christmas with my family, since it’s a family favourite and we even have three copies of this book.

I also really love the dedication in this book, it’s just ‘To the Quiet Woman’. And that’s so ominus and mysterious and I have no idea what they mean and I’m not sure I want to know. But I’m sure it’s meaningful to the author. Overall I really, really like this book so I really recommend it.