Kazuko Yoshiyama discovers she can travel through time and has to search far and wide to search for the source of her powers. In two interesting short stories by famous Japanese author Yasutaka Tsutsui.

This book also has many adaptations in television and movies, including the popular anime directed by Mamoru Hosoda.

I give this book three stars (out of five). I really enjoyed reading it and I think it is very well written.
In this book there’s actually two different shorter stories.

The first story is about a girl who somehow time leaps and teleports and she has to figure out how she does it. The second story is about a girl who is afraid of random (very specific) things and she can’t remember why, and she needs to figure out what happened to make her scared of these certain things. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book, and it was good but it wasn’t extremely impactful for me personally.

Note that I read the English translation so the story could be slightly different than the original version in Japanese.