This is a remarkable story similar to Cinderella, except the main character is a princess whose mother died. She is choosing who shall be her new stepmother and queen, out of all the maidens in the kingdom. In the end she chooses a young peasant girl, showing the kindness and compassion goes beyond wealth, class and status.

I give this book four stars (out of five). This was on my favourite books growing up and I still think it’s great for kids. There’s a good amount of reading, not too much but enough that kids have to try and focus on the story to read, there isn’t just one sentence per page like some other books for kids the same age.

The drawings are really good but relatively simple and not overpowering, I think in a lot of kid’s books all the bright colours can take over the book but not here. And the plot is great, with princesses, kings and stepmothers it’s a great introduction to fairytale terminology. Overall I really recommend this kid’s book, I think it’s great, well written and good for kids!