Camp Padua is a camp for at-risk or troubled teens, and it’s where Zander gets sent for the summer against her wishes. But while she’s there she meets other people and forms unlikely friendships. Through “share-apy” sessions and camp actives they start to learn more about each other and put themselves back together again with the others by their side.

I give this book four stars (out of five). I really loved this book, especially the characters. They all have realistic and well explained backstories and have tons of character development throughout the book. It’s a great story of friendship, romance, opening up and different people with different lives.

Sixteen year old Zander gets sent off to a summer camp for teenagers with ‘difficulties’ where they teach you how to Know Yourself, Teamwork, Trust and Courage. Zander and her new found friends learn and get set back together, making them all better people.

I really liked this book, I think it has great teenage characters and shows the growth people can have despite their struggles.