Set in Alaska this is the story of four very different teenagers, their struggles, problems and how they’re all connected.

I give this book three stars (out of five). It’s very well written and emotionally engaging. It follows four main characters; Ruth, Dora, Alyce and Hank. It’s told through each of their perspectives as they all go on their own adventures and through many different events they end up meeting by the end of the story. My personal favourite characters are Hank and Alyce, I find their stories more interesting than the others and they’re connected beautifully.

I’m not going to summarize the plot because it would be confusing to explain all their stories and how they’re connected, but I am going to share my favourite part of the book

[The next paragraph includes spoilers and won’t make sense without reading the book first]

I really liked when Dora comes face to face with her abusive father drunk holding a loaded hunting rifle. She isn’t even scared, in fact she’s calm and all she says is “Shoot me, shoot me so I never have to see your face again”. I loved this, personally because I’ve always wanted to see this happen, in the end the police arrived shortly after and Dora was fine.

I really recommend this book, it’s great and tells stories of so many different people and things I think everyone has something to relate to.