Suzy Swanson’s best friend Franny couldn’t have drowned. She was an amazing swimmer and she wouldn’t have swam out too far, Suzy is convinced that she was stung by a jellyfish. Suzy can’t escape her own grief over losing the person she was closest with, she is determined to prove that Franny was stung using the scientific method. But proven or not Suzy must do everything she can to help Franny, even if it’s just so she can keep going.

I give this book 3.5 stars (out of five). I loved this book! Although it’s rather sad and more for younger kids. Suzy Swanson is trying to cope with the death of her ex-best and only friend Franny, who she fell out with during sixth grade.

The book is split up into the different parts of the scientific process and throughout it you (the reader) learn bits and pieces of Suzy and Franny’s friendship and why it ended. I thought that was brilliant and a good way to show the different parts of the story.

Suzy stops talking after she finds out Franny died, she doesn’t get the point of small talk she prefers non-talking and silence, though she still talks when she needs or wants to. Suzy gets the idea that Franny was stung by a Jellyfish, she was always a great swimmer, so Suzy is convinced she couldn’t have drowned.

Suzy comes up with a plan to prove that Franny was stung by a Jellyfish. But it doesn’t go exactly to plan since she wants to fly to Australia by herself and she’s only twelve.

It’s a beautiful story of grief, friendship, people and jellyfish and I think it’s great. I really recommend this book to you, I personally love it even though it’s really sad.