Katie Wallace had never spent too long thinking about 9/11. She never questioned the legitimacy of the terrorist attack until her father is taken away to a mental institution while claiming he knows the truth. Desperate to help her dad Katie is forced to research 9/11 and try to tell facts from fiction. But on her search for truth she becomes more and more entangled with a conspiracy theorist group called the Truthers and someone is determined to stop her.

I give this book four stars (out of five). I really liked this book, it’s very interesting and entertaining. It follows Katie Wallace, a normal high schooler until her single dad is arrested for having a ‘breakdown’ at work. Her father is thrown in a prison type psychiatric hospital, the people who run it and talk with Katie seem controlling and the type of people who are ‘working with the government’.

This prompts her to have to do tons of research on 9/11 to try and prove that her dad’s conspiratital claims could at least be believable to someone sane. While researching Katie runs across Max, a genius college student (her age but a prodigy), who quickly becomes her partner in crime as her research becomes more of an investigation into the world of Truthers. People who believe the government or other large corporations were involved in 9/11 (and other related conspiracies) and work to try to find and release the truth.

Katie does tons of work, pouring hours into her research, meeting up with people her father told her to in cryptic messages and going above and beyond to try and help her father. As the story progresses Katie gets more and more involved with the Truthers and closer with Max.

I really loved this book. I thought it was very well written, had compelling characters and tons of action. It was especially education for me, as I didn’t know much about 9/11 besides the basic facts and that some people thought it was an inside job. I didn’t know there was any evidence to support that, but even just from reading this fictional story I can say that I learned more real facts about it overall.