In the world of Erdas, when children turn eleven they have ceremonies to see if they have a spirit animal. But when four kids separated by distance all summon strong beasts of legend and darks things are rising, the fate of Erdas now lies on their shoulders.

I give this book two stars (out of five). It was okay, relatively short and interesting. The plot centres around four kids living in an alternate fantasy world, where when kids turn eleven they get the chance to try and summon a spirit animal. The four main characters all summon the great beasts and things of legends.

But honestly, I think the characters and plot felt kind of rushed and underdeveloped. Most characters didn’t have clear motivations and did things with no clear reason or justification. There’s an online game made based off this book and I couldn’t help finding the promotion for the game on the book a little excessive. On the copy I read they had promotions in five or six different places, which is a little much especially since I personally didn’t have any interest in the game and was only reading the story.

Although, this book is intended more for kids younger than me so I might dislike it because I’m too old to fully enjoy it. Overall I didn’t really like this book. I thought it was okay and good at best, nothing more.

There are seven books in the Spirit Animals series, there’s also similar more books called Fall of Beasts and a few special editions. Currently I don’t plan on reading the rest of this series, because I personally didn’t like the first book enough to be interested in reading more. But if anyone would like me to review the other books, I would be able to do that upon request.